Keeping your secrets, secret.

Message, share and collaborate securely

Share messages and documents with anyone securely

Many apps allow you to share a document securely - DropVault takes this much further so you can share entire conversations (and documents) or multiple conversations securely.

And what's great about Dropvault is that anyone can reply to the conversation or message and that reply is automatically encrypted. No asking for encryption keys.

But DropVault can also be more than just simple messaging - Create a shared channel for your team - Comment, follow, add action items and assign tasks to team members , share a channel with your customers team or use a channel as a secure vault for storing sensitive documents.

Why email isn't great for collaboration

Email wasn't designed for secure collaboration or sharing with many to many.

Email is terrible at collaboration

It lacks the team tools needed - Comments, notes, action items, document archive and much, much more.

Sharing with a team works much better

Share with one or many and add and remove anyone at any time. No need to cc or forward. Everyone in the channels sees everything.

Email can't be used as a vault

DropVault can be used as a vault for secure lists and documents (passwords, keys). You just share with someone and they can view. With email you have to send out another email (or forward).

Encryption by default

With email you have to choose to encrypt every message. With DropVault, encryption is by default, not a choice. One channel, enter your password and every conversation and document is secured automatically.

Security in depth

Encryption is our final security - Before that we have Two factor authentication, strong passwords and trusted locations. Then we encrypt each channel and we don't have access to your key

Catch-up is easy

Have someone catch-up at any time by inviting them. Every message, every document, action item and note is right there. No forwarding of messages

How DropVault works.

Just great collaboration and document sharing that's completely secure

Create your channel

Create a channel for your team to share, or individual channels for each customer. Then choose your encryption key and password.

We will never ask you for your key again - Instead you use your password for access.

Your Content, all secured with your key

Everything you add to your channel is secured automatically - Just add a conversation,message, comment or document and we'll secure everything for you. With Dropvault, encryption is the default and not a choice.

You can reply to any message or conversation without having to re-enter any password or key. It's all transparent.

Guests and contacts

Invite a team member or contact

When you want to share a channel just invite a team member or a contact. Each invite get it's own unique password which is used to access the channel.

You can also share with other business or organization on Dropvault so your data never has to leave our secure servers.

Share rich content messages

Just create and share great rich content

Your team or customers can now access your conversations, reply, add notes or action items or documents. It's a great way to not only share confidential documents or messages but also to get their feedback and input.

Share multiple conversations
 Share Documents securely

Share Documents securely

A channel is great for sharing documents.

Sharing documents is as simple drag and drop - PDF, Word, Excel, photos or any other document, to your conversation. All documents are encrypted with your private key before storing on our servers.

Shared or Individual channels

Channels can be shared and you invite any team member or customers to access, or create personal channels for communicating with individual customers.

Shared or Individual channels
No compromises on security

No compromises on security

We take security seriously - From requiring strong passwords, trusted locations, monitoring failed login attempts, two factor authentication and the best in the business encryption by default and by design.

Sharing is simple, but powerful and secure

We've made is simple to share anything with anyone. Just create a new conversation or reply to an existing thread, add your reply, drop in any documents and save.

Everything you add or send, and anything your team or customers add is automatically secured to protect it.

DropVault is so secure that even DropVault staff and engineers can not access or view your data.