Lot's of great features

We've added some great features to our DropVault channels. These are just some of the features that you and your team can use every day.


Create and add tags to any conversation for easy filtering

Multiple Channels..

Create unlimited shared or private channels. All individually secured.


Watch any individual conversation and get notifications when updates are added


Follow any channel and get notifications on any new messages/replies added


Create custom folders and move conversations between the folders.


Mark any conversation as closed/completed and move to the archive folder

Time Spent

Track the time spent on any conversation or message

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop files and attachments to any conversation

Rich Content

Create and send rich content messages with full formatting and links


Get insights into most frequent tags,customers and products.


Create task or action items for any conversation and assign to a team member for action

Notes and Comments

Add notes or comments for other team members


Make any channel shared or private


Bookmark any conversation to your bookmarks list for easy access

What did I miss

See any items you have missed since your last access

Pin to top

Pin a valuable conversation to the top of the list

Move to ...

Move a conversation, replies, notes and documents to another folder or channel

Add due date

Add a date for completion to any conversation

Add to calendar

Add any conversation to your team calendar

Guest Access

Allow customers/contractors to access channels as guests

Photo Viewer

View jpeg,png and other photos as thumbnails and full size

Embed Video

Link to and embed videos from youtube, vimeo etc

Audio Player

Play attached audio files in audio player without downloading

Full text search

Search for anything in the title and body of any conversation

Filter conversations

Filter by creator,customer , date and assigned to

Own posts only

Restrict team or customers to viewing their conversations/posts only

Shared Files

Quick access to all attachments in a channel

Encrypt Channels

Encrypt all messages and attachments in a channel with a custom key

Single Sign on

Single sign on for Google, Twitter, Office 365 and Microsoft Live


Bring a team member into a conversation


Add a private reminder to any message

Send to Trello

Send a conversation or a response including attachments to a Trello board

Auto Expire

We can automatically delete a conversation and documents after a set date