Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about DropVault

Here are some frequent questions that may help you.

What is secured in Dropvault?

Every message or document you share with anyone is automatically encrypted and secured. We never have to ask you or your team.

What can I share?

A message, a document, videos, photos and any combination of these. What's more, the person or team you share with can reply or share back to you and your team.

Do I need to download and install anything?

No. Neither you, your team or your customers need to install anything. DropVault is delivered as a web app and works seamlessly on any device.

How is DropVault different from a file share?

DropVault is about conversations. Share a message, with or without documents with a team or individual and then reply, comment, add action items, reminders and much more, as a team.

Why does DropVault support conversations

We think when you share a document, you will want to comment, discuss it and ask questions about it. That's why we support conversations as well as documents.

Can DropVault be used for just messaging?

Yes just create a conversation and everyone that has access will be notified and can reply and comment, and share documents back to you.

Can it be used as a secure vault

Yes we have a vault channel specifically for storing sensitive encryption, crypto keys and documents.

How does a user encrypt something?

Just add a message, a key, reply or share a document. We will automatically encrypt and secure as we save your data

No sharing or remembering encryption keys. It's that simple.

Can I share with multiple users

Just create a channel and then invite as many team members or contacts. All will have access to every message and document in the channel.

Can I share with other companies already on Dropvault?

Yes. If a contact or team is already on Dropvault we will find them and add the channel to their dashboard. You can also allow this contact to invite their team to the channel

What are Guests/Contacts

Contacts are external users such as your customers or suppliers, or contacts on other businesses on Dropvault. You can add unlimited contacts at no charge

Can I send to a single contact

Yes. Create a customer portal (simple as entering their email address) and then add a message or document, or share a link with the contact so they can access the portal

How does a user or contact access a channel

Each user/contact has a unique password/pin for every channel. Just enter the password and we will decrypt everything automatically.

Is there a client/customer portal?

Yes. Your clients or contacts can access all their messages and documents in our portal

How does a contact connect to a portal

You share either a pin-less link or a link that requires a pin/password. You choose based on the sensitivity of the data

Can contacts upload documents

Yes your contacts can upload any document to a channel they have access to

Can contacts reply to something I share?

Yes your contacts can reply to anything shared and add notes or comments or share documents and messages back to you.

Can links be re-used?

Pin-less links can be use once or re-used until they expire. Links with Pin/password can be re-used at any time.

How many channels can I create

That depends on the subscription you choose. See our pricing page for details

What are the different channels

We have portals for a single contact, B2B channels for sharing between teams or businesses, key vault and a document portal.

What is a highly secure channel

We encrypt everything but we keep a backup copy of your key off-site. You can use a password or 2FA to access these channels.

What is an hyper-secure channel?

All messages and documents are encrypted but we do not store a backup of your encryption key. If you lose your key we can not retrieve any messages or documents

Can I use our own encryption keys?

Yes you can. Just copy in the key during the channel setup and that's it. Everything added to the channel will be encrypted with this key.

Do you support enterprise key managers (KMS)?

Your keys are stored in an external (and secured) key manager (KMS). You can continue to use ours or select your own KMS. We currently support Azure, Google and AWS

Do you have to share the key with team or contact?

No. Once you set up your channel we store your key in your key vault - You are never asked for or need to share this key again. Each team member or contact gets a unique password to the channel which gives them access.

Is there a task manager

All channels come with an optional helpdesk/task manager, calendar and reminders built in. Assign any conversation to a team member or guest for action

Is DropVault Cloud only?

No. DropVault can be used in the public cloud (Azure), on-premise (your own servers) or in a private cloud of your choosing.

What encryption is used

We use AES256 bit encryption everywhere - Every message, note, document.

No shortcuts

Where can Dropvault store documents

In Dropvault storage, your Azure storage account, your AWS buckets or on-premise

Can documents be stored on-premise

Yes. We can connect to your on-premise storage server and encrypt and store every document inside your business

Can you connect to documents I already have?

Yes. If you already have existing (unencrypted) documents we can connect and populate your Dropvault channel or portal with these documents.

Do you have an API?

Yes. You can create portals, upload a document and encrypt it, send a notification to a contact and retrieve a document from your storage and decrypt it