How can I use Dropvault?

What our customers are using DropVault for

DropVault is a flexible collaboration and document sharing app and can be used in many business areas. Here are just a few ways in which you can use Dropvault in your business.

And DropVault is more than just leaving a message - follow, comment, add action items, add a conversation to a team calendar, reminders and much more. It's secure collaboration and document sharing in an in-secure World.


Discuss and share confidential documents and messages with clients and other legal firms


Send and discuss business tax returns with your clients

GP/Medical Practitioners

Share very sensitive medical data with patients and law firms.

Digital Vault

Store and secure your encryption keys, SSL certificates and your digital assets in a secure vault.

Contract Discussions

Develop and discuss financial contract issues in a secure environment while sharing sensitive documents

HR Documents

Discuss and share confidential HR content, feedback and documents

Confidential Business Plans

Use DropVault to develop and share business plans

Product Development

Share sensitive product development information with your extended team

Sharing Login info

Share sensitive information such as logins or passwords with your team

FAQ's - Need to know more about DropVault

Here are some frequent questions that may help you.

How is DropVault different from a file share?

DropVault is about conversations. Share a message, with or without documents with a team or individual and then reply, comment, add action items, reminders and much more, as a team.

Why is DropVault focused on conversations

We think when you want to share something, you will want to comment and discuss it. That's why we let you share messages, documents, comments, notes and actions.

What encryption is used

We use AES256 bit encryption everywhere - Every message, note, document.

No shortcuts

How does a user encrypt something?

Just add a message or reply or document. We will automatically encrypt and secure as we save your data

No sharing or remembering encryption keys. It's that simple.

What are Guests

Guests are external users such as customers or contractors. You can add unlimited guests at no charge

Can Guests upload documents

Yes your guests can upload any document to a channel they have access to

Can Guests reply to messages

Yes your guests can reply to any message, add notes or comments and documents.

Can guests use 2FA

Yes all users of Dropvault have access to all our security features at no additional charge

How many channels can I create

You can create unlimited channels and share with your team, a guest or many guests

Can I send to a single guest/customer

Yes. Just create a 1 to 1 channel and everything you add to the channel is automatically visible to the guest

All private conversations with this guest will be in this channel

What are the different channels

You can create Highly secure and Uber-secure channel. Each has the same features but different security levels

What is a highly secure channel

We encrypt everything but we keep a backup copy of your key off-site. You can use a password or 2FA to access these channels.

What is an Uber-secure channel?

All messages and documents are encrypted but we do not store a backup of your encryption key. If you lose your key we can not retrieve any messages or documents

Can DropVault be used for just messaging?

Yes just create a conversation and everyone that has access will be notified and can reply and comment

Is there a task manager

All channels come with a helpdesk/task manager, calendar and reminders built in. Assign any conversation to a team member or guest for action

Can I share with multiple users

Just create a channel and then invite as many team members or guests. All will have access to every message and document in the channel.

How does a user or guest access a channel

Each user/guest has a unique password for every channel. Just enter the password and we will decrypt everything automatically.

Is there support for Yubikey/Titan/Fido keys

We will have support for FIDO keys at the start of 2019.

Is DropVault Cloud only?

DropVault can be used in the public cloud (Azure), on-premise (your own servers) or in a private cloud of your choosing.