How can I use Dropvault?

What our customers are using DropVault for

Just a few examples of how our customers are using Dropvault, taking cybersecurity seriously and securing their data. And remember, with any channel in Dropvault you can share with your team, a single contact, multiple contacts or even other businesses already on Dropvault .

Upload sensitive documents securely

Secure Document Upload Portal

Your customers can upload identity and other sensitive documents using our secure portal or your business can share to the customer.
Secure messaging and document sharing for board of directors

Board of Directors

Discuss, shares and adds action items for board meetings in private - Not even their IT department can access these discussions.
B2B messaging & document sharing

B2B messaging & document sharing

Customer uses Dropvault to share trade confidential documents and messages with other businesses on Dropvault. All secured and encrypted by default.
Discuss and share confidential documents and messages with clients and other
                            legal firms

Law Firms

For discussions and sharing confidential documents and messages with clients - Dropvault also lets these law firms exchange securely with other firms already on Dropvault.
Exchanging NDA's or IP documents

Supply Chain IP Sharing

Sharing NDA or other sensitive documents with a supplier and ensure they are kept secure and private.
Accountants/Financial Services

Accountants/Financial Services

Discussing business tax returns with clients and sharing updates and documents with them securely
Store and secure your encryption keys, SSL certificates and your digital assets in a secure vault.

Digital Vault

Stores and secure sensitive documents, encryption keys, SSL certificates and digital assets in secure vaults - Shared only with those in their team that need access.
Share very sensitive medical data with patients and law firms.

Invoice/Wire Fraud

Connect your suppliers to Dropvault and receive all invoices over a secure and trusted channel. No email, no fake addresses, no fake invoices.
Discuss and share confidential HR content, feedback and documents

HR Documents

Teams discuss and share confidential HR content, feedback and documents on their staff and potential candidates.
 Use DropVault for mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Exchange NDA's, IP, business plans and other sensitive documents with multiple teams

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