How can I use Dropvault?

What our customers are using DropVault for

Just a few examples of how our customers are using Dropvault, taking cybersecurity seriously and securing their data. And remember, with any channel in Dropvault you can share with your team, a single contact, multiple contacts or even other businesses already on Dropvault .

Upload sensitive documents securely

Secure Document Portal

A hyper-secure portal for sharing messages and documents with your contacts or customers. Your contacts only require a private link and an optional pin/password to access their portal
Secure messaging and document sharing for board of directors

Board of Directors

For private discussions and document sharing that not even your IT department can access. Keeps board level discussions and actions confidential and secured
B2B messaging & document sharing

B2B messaging & document sharing

Share and collaborate with another business or many businesses in the same channel or split discussions into focused channels with different teams
Secure collaboration for law firms

Law Firms

Use our portals for sharing with a client or our B2B channels for collaborating and sharing with another law firm or external team.
Hyper secure key vault

Key Vault

Store and secure sensitive encryption and crypto keys in a hyper-secure vault - It's the most secure online vault available
 Use DropVault for mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Exchange NDA's, IP,and discuss and collaborate on business plans and other sensitive documents with multiple teams
Accountants/Financial Services

Accountants/Financial Services

For sharing sensitive documents and messages with individual contacts or use our B2B channels to collaborate with another business.
Invoice/Wire Fraud

Invoice/Wire Fraud

Connect your suppliers to Dropvault and receive all invoices over a secure and trusted channel. No email, no fake addresses, no fake invoices.
Discuss and share confidential HR content, feedback and documents

HR Documents

Teams discuss and share confidential HR content, feedback and documents on their staff and potential candidates.