You share it, we keep it secure.

You share it, we keep it secure

What is Dropvault?

Dropvault is secure, B2B encrypted document sharing, messaging and team collaboration

What can I do with Dropvault?

You can share a document, a message, a conversation, many conversations all secured and encrypted so that not even Dropvault can access

Who can I share with?

You only, a team member/colleague, an entire team , a customer or contact, their entire team or many teams/organizations

What makes Dropvault different?

The best encryption available, strong, unique encryption keys on every channel but you never have to share or remember the key and we never ask if you want to encrypt - Once you create a channel and invite others to it, everything you add to the channel from then on is automatically encrypted - No keys required. We call it Friction-less security.

What makes DropVault different

Many apps let you share documents securely - We take it a lot further and let you share not only documents, but entire conversations, notes and comments all secured and private. We never ask if you want to encrypt something - it's the default but transparent so your team or customers never get asked for a key.

You and your team can share, discuss and collaborate with each other, your customers or your suppliers safe in the knowledge that your conversations and documents are secured. And best of all there is no software or app to install.

Why Cybersecurity and Privacy should be #1

Your customers expect it

Your customers expect anything they share with you, or you share with them , to be secured by default. With DropVault we don't leave it to your team to add security - We encrypt by default with a key only your business has access to.

GDPR Requirements

With GDPR now in place you are expected to take steps to secure all your data by default. Failure to take sufficient steps to secure your data can result in very heavy fines and penalties.

Can you afford a breach?

Can your business afford a breach? Can you afford that sensitive business or customer data is accidentally or deliberately leaked?

Regulatory Compliance

You may be required to encrypt and secure any data shared either inside or outside your business to comply with regulations in your industry.

Sharing and cybersecurity that works for your business

You share it and we will automatically encrypt it with a key that's unique to your business. Everything is encrypted by default instead of leaving it to your staff to secure it.

Encryption by default

Every message, document and conversation you create or reply to is automatically encrypted with a key unique to that channel

Your Channels are private to you

As your channels are encrypted, the staff at Dropvault do not have any access to your messages or documents

Share Documents & Conversations

Share documents, entire conversations and messages with anyone, all secured and private.

Single or Shared Channels

Create and share with individual customers or create shared team channels and invite team members to access

Collaborate with many teams

Collaborate and share with many teams, even outside your business, all secured and private

Share & reply back

Share a document or message with someone and they can reply, add a comment or share a document back to you (and we encrypt it automatically).