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DropVault was built to help small businesses secure their data - By making encryption easy to use, a team will use it more , and that ensures that sensitive data is kept secure and private. We really believe that everything stored or shared should be encrypted by default and by design.

We've taken some of the chore of remembering and sharing encryption keys and built a powerful and easy to use app around a great encryption platform.

We also believe that to collaborate successfully online, teams need a good collaboration platform - Email is not and never will be the solution. You need apps that focus on collaboration and sharing, and less on messaging.

Kevin O'Farrell

Founder and CEO

Kevin is a respected technology veteran who has spent nearly 30 years developing and marketing some of the most advanced and innovative technologies. Kevin spent many years with Sun Microsystems where he was responsible for Java licensing throughout Europe and Asia and more recently successfully developing and launching many cloud startups. With experience in technology, business and marketing, Kevin brings a unique insight to his businesses and an understanding of all aspects of business and product development. A believer in keeping software simple, focused and in-expensive, Kevin has a passion for helping the small business owner in leveraging the benefits of the cloud without the need for IT resources.

Kevin is a keen sailor and avid rugby fan.