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We know encryption can be hard, it can be time consuming and it's one of the reasons why it's used so little. That's why we set out to make sharing conversations and documents securely simple and fast - No complicated encryption keys, no time consuming tools and most of all, not leaving the decision to encrypt up to your team.

DropVault is all about the security of your data, or your customers data. You can share anything with anyone and Dropvault takes care of keeping it safe. And it's not just documents - It's no use securing a document if the conversation around the document contains sensitive information and is left un-secured.

We also believe that to collaborate successfully online, teams need a good collaboration platform - Email is not and never will be the solution. You need apps that focus on collaboration and sharing, and less on messaging. That's why we give you the tools and features to not only share, but to collaborate with your team or your customers team, all while keeping your data secure.

Kevin O'Farrell

Founder and CEO

Kevin is a respected technology veteran who has spent nearly 30 years developing and marketing some of the most advanced and innovative technologies. Kevin spent many years with Sun Microsystems where he was responsible for Java licensing throughout Europe and Asia and more recently successfully developing and launching many cloud startups. With experience in technology, business and marketing, Kevin brings a unique insight to his businesses and an understanding of all aspects of business and product development.

A believer in keeping software simple, focused and in-expensive, Kevin has a passion for helping the small business owner in leveraging the benefits of the cloud without the need for IT resources.

Kevin is a keen sailor and avid rugby fan.

Neal O'Farrell

North America

Neal O'Farrell is an award-winning security and privacy expert with more than 35 years of global experience. He is credited with the development of the first encrypting fax machine and later came into conflict with the NSA with his work on advanced speech encryption systems. In 1988 the Irish Banks Standing Committee awarded Neal the first contract to encrypt Ireland's entire national ATM network, the same year he co-hosted with IBM Ireland's first Network Security Conference at UCD.

Neal was a member of the Federal Communications Commission's Cybersecurity Roundtable and is currently a Fellow of the EP3 Foundation. He has been quoted in hundreds of publications around the world including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Forbes, Fortune, the Wall St Journal and the South China Morning Post.