Pricing and features

Why not try a free trial (no credit card or payment information needed) - you get all the features of Dropvault so you can see how it works for your business and your contacts. Then when you are ready either subscribe to our cloud service or contact us to talk about an on-premise installation if that is your requirement.

Messaging, Collaboration , portals and hyper-secure vaults

Pricing Plans Excludes any local sales/service taxes
One subscription, get all 8 solutions.
Get access to all our solutions on one affordable subscription. Use where you need in your business and when you need it.
Limited time offer - Expires soon so lock in at this price before it disappears
All in one subscription and reduced per user sub as an introductory offer - Ideal for small office/SME with one affordable subscription.


*That's less than 15 per user per month. Usually 19 per user/month
  • Includes 20 team logins
  • Use all 8 solutions
  • Up to 2000 Contacts
  • Customer Portals
  • B2B Channels
  • Boardroom
  • Data rooms
  • Document/Key Vaults
  • BEC Prevention
  • Incident Response
  • Tasks/Sign off/Voting/Meetings
  • E-Signatures
  • All Collaboration tools
  • Unlimited users or contacts per channel
  • Unlimited conversations/documents
  • Full support from Dropvault
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Enterprise from

Tailored to fit your Enterprise requirements
  • Choose any solution
  • Multiple Teams
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Customer Portals
  • B2B Channels
  • Boardroom
  • Data rooms
  • Document/Key Vaults
  • BEC Prevention
  • Incident Response
  • Tasks/Sign off/Voting/Meetings
  • E-Signatures
  • All Collaboration tools
  • Unlimited users or contacts per channel
  • Unlimited conversations/documents
  • Other
  • Custom document storage options
  • Document storage on AWS/Azure/On-premise
  • Custom key storage options
  • Smart PDF options
  • Anonybit Biometric Authentication
  • Custom Contract
  • CISO Review
  • Assigned Project Manager
  • API supported
  • Full support from Dropvault
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Our hyper-secure portals provide your customers with a great experience, along with security and privacy.



Per user/month
Solo/Micro business

  • 500 Customer Portals/Contacts
  • All Starter features (see below)
  • Private and secure portal per contact
  • Unlimited messages & document sharing
  • No storage/file size limits
  • No charge for contact access to portal
  • Full support from Dropvault
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199 99*

Per business/month - * Limited time offer. Annual sub required.

Includes 5 user subscriptions
  • All business/pro features (see below)
  • Unlimited Portals
  • Private and secure portal per contact
  • 2,000 documents/month
  • E-Signatures
  • (Need more users or documents? Just ask us)
  • No charge for contact access to portal
  • Full support from Dropvault
  • * Limited time offer ends soon
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For larger enterprises

  • All business/pro features (see below)
  • Unlimited Portals
  • Unlimited Users/team
  • E-Signatures
  • Private and secure portal per contact
  • Unlimited documents/month
  • No charge for contact access to portal
  • Enterprise storage, key vaults and connection options
  • API access from your app/website
  • Full support from Dropvault
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  • Feature
  • App
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop
  • No software to install
    Dropvault is a hyper-secure web app so there is nothing to install
  • Friction-less access
    You external contacts do not require an account on Dropvault to access your channels
  • Custom Dashboard
    Our dashboard allows you to quickly find new messages or uploads, or find and open channels/portals
  • Full Contact Manager
    Add and manage your contacts, their access, new messages, send failures and more
  • Team Manager
  • Conversational channels
    Not just for sharing documents. You can add messages, replies or just documents.
  • Notification of new messages
    Switch email notifications on/off for any channel
  • Encrypted documents
    Every document is encrypted with a random, strong 256bit key
  • Encrypted Conversations
    Every message and reply is encrypted with a random, strong 256bit key
  • Task manager for every channel
    Assign, complete and track progress on tasks
  • E-Signatures
    Request an e-signature for any discussion or document
  • Voting
    Request a vote on a discussion, event or document
  • Sign off
    Request an individual or team to sign off on an event, miledtone or task
  • Meeting Manager
    Manage your agenda, actions, votes, sign of and meeting minutes
  • Access control on every channel
    Add/remove access for any team member or external contact
  • Automatic link sharing
    We will automatically share a link to a channel/portal when you add something new
  • Manual link sharing
    You can manually share a link with a contact at any time
  • Pin and pin-less links
    Contact must use a pin or send links that do not require any pin
  • Auto Expiring links
    Links expire after a set number of days/specific date
  • Multiple re-use or single use links
    Links can be used once or many times
  • Link to portal from my website
    Link to generic portal login page from your website so your contacts can sign in without a custom link
  • External Contact access
    Contacts can access any channel or portal without an account on Dropvault
  • External Team access
    Teams in other businesses on Dropvault can collaborate in your B2B channels from their Dashboard
  • Read only channels
    Prevent any replies or comments to a conversation
  • Tags and filters
    Use tags to group and filter documents and conversations
  • Custom Folders and filters
    Move your conversations or documents into different folders
  • Bookmark conversations and documents
    Quickly find a conversation or document again with bookmarks
  • Change Priority of conversations
    Get better visibility on conversations by assigning priorities
  • Replies and comments to conversations
    You and your customers can reply or add comments to any message,document or conversation
  • Reminders
    Add a reminder to any conversation so you never forget to follow-up
  • Channel Calendar
    Add conversations to your team calendar so you can track issues
  • Add silently
    Add a new conversation or document but do not send out a notification
  • Keep a conversation private from contacts
    Allow your team members to view and interact with a conversation but keep it private from any contacts in the channel
  • Email into a channel
    Create a new conversation and add documents by sending an email to a custom channel email address
  • Drag and Drop file upload
    Drag and drop single or multiple documents for simple uploading
  • Multiple document versions
    Upload new version and keep previous
  • Upload documents without conversations
    Drag and drop upload of documents without any message or conversation
  • Upload Preview
    Preview PDF and photos before uploading
  • Document view in channels
    Turn your channel into a file manager when you don't need conversations
  • Find all documents
    Display all documents in a channel (without showing conversations)
  • PDF Watermarks
    Auto add custom watermarks to any PDF uploaded
  • PDF Passwords
    Auto add custom password to any PDF uploaded
  • Auto deleting conversations and documents
    Delete a conversation and its documents at a set date - for external contacts or your team.
  • Custom logo
    Customize your portals with your company/organization logo
  • Custom Welcome message
    Add a custom welcome message to your portals
  • Custom get support links
    Add email, phone and other links to your portals so your contacts can contact you if there is a problem
  • Strong passwords
  • MFA on all logins
    Authenticate users using an authenticator app on a phone
  • Biometric authentication
    Integrates seamlessly with Anonybit biometric authentication (optional subscription)
  • IP/Location whitelist
    Restrict logins to specific locations only
  • Security Dashboard
    Monitor and track your user and contact logins, locations and MFA failures
  • Audit on every channel
    See who did what and when did they do it
  • Access lists
    Control access to features using custom access lists
  • Roles
    Use roles for groups of users in access management
  • Change Security Posture
    Customize how the app responds to changing user locations, session timeout etc
  • Corporate Key vaults
    Store all encryption keys in your corporate key vault
  • Use your email server for notifications
    Email notification come from your company email domain (instead of from
  • AWS Storage
    Store documents in your corporate AWS S3 buckets
  • Azure Storage
    Store documents on your corporate Azure blob/document storage
  • On-Premise Storage
    Store documents on your on-premise storage
  • MIN.IO Storage
    On-premise AWS S3 compatible storage
  • Import existing un-encrypted documents
    We can connect to your existing document storage and populate your channels with these documents.
  • Channel selectable storage
    Choose different storage options for any channel
  • API
  • Create a portal
    Create or use an existing portal and upload a document and encrypt it
  • Upload a message and documents to any B2B channel
    Upload a message and document(s) to any channel and encrypt them
  • Send portal access link to contact
    Trigger Dropvault to send a custom link for the portal to the contact
  • Retrieve a document
    Using the document ID retrieve a document from the storage and decrypt it
  • What's new/Guides/Cheat sheets
  • Support Channel
  • Partner Dashboard
  • Custom GDPR DPA
  • Customized Contract covering business relationship